Visiting Grace

Grace Church is open! After a long period of online-only worship, we are (finally!) open for in-person services. See our COVID precautions below.

Sunday worship starts at 9:30 am, both in-person and on Facebook Live.

If you're visiting Grace, here are a few things to know.

  1. We're a small church family. We both know and like each other. That said, we love to welcome visitors and are always delighted to add to the family.
  2. We're aren't a particularly formal bunch. While most people dress up (business casual) on Sunday, others don't bother.
  3. Services run about an hour and fifteen minutes (more or less).

If you have any questions, please email the office:

Update: As of May 30, the mask mandate has ended.

Grace Church is going mask-optional:

If you are vaccinated, masks are not required.

If you are not vaccinated, masks are encouraged, but not required.

We rejoice, after a very long year, that most of our community is now vaccinated, and

as we continue with air filters and spacing, we are delighted to welcome you back in person!


Effective: April 25, 2021

1.   Grace will continue to offer a variety of worship opportunities in the coming months until it is safe to reopen fully. While we have no plans to end online services, we are beginning in-person indoor services on April 25 under the guidelines below. We trust you to make the appropriate decision about in-person attendance for you and your family.

2.   If you are vaccinated, you are welcomed—and encouraged!—to attend in person.

3.   If you are not vaccinated, you are welcomed—and encouraged!—to attend in person as long as you are not showing any symptoms and as long as you have not been exposed to someone with COVID in the previous two weeks.

4.   In addition to online services, we will provide opportunities to worship outdoors (weather permitting). 

5.   For indoor services, please use the following guidelines:

a.   The church will open to worshippers 15 minutes before the service begins (9:15). All worshippers will have their temperature taken by an usher, given some hand sanitizer, and provided a designated seating area.

b.   Family groups are asked to sit at least 6 feet (3 chairs) from other families.

c.   Upon completion of the service, worshippers will be ushered out of the sanctuary. You are invited to join us for fellowship outside.

6.   General safety guidelines are still in place.

a.   Wear a mask (6 y/o and up)

b.   Stay 6 feet apart.

c.   Water fountains are temporarily off-limits.

d.   Stay home if you have symptoms or fear exposure.

e.   Fellowship time will take place outside (weather permitting)